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Balcony Sun Shade

Balcony Sun Shade : Digital Camera With Remote Shutter Release

Balcony Sun Shade

balcony sun shade

    sun shade

  • (Sun-shades) can also refer to the sun-shading eyepiece-type, although the term is not exclusive to these. Also in use is the derivative abbreviation, shades.
  • A parasol, awning, or other device giving protection from the sun
  • A space sunshade or sunshield can be described as analogous to a parasol that s or otherwise reduces some of a star's rays, preventing them from hitting a planet and thereby reducing its insolation, which results in less heating of the planet.


  • a platform projecting from the wall of a building and surrounded by a balustrade or railing or parapet
  • (balconied) having balconies or a balcony; "the balconied houses of New Orleans"
  • The upstairs seats in a theater, concert hall, or auditorium
  • an upper floor projecting from the rear over the main floor in an auditorium
  • A platform enclosed by a wall or balustrade on the outside of a building, with access from an upper-floor window or door

balcony sun shade – Eclipse Shade

Eclipse Shade – 6' (White) (36"h x 72"w x 2.5"d)
Eclipse Shade - 6' (White) (36"h x 72"w x 2.5"d)
With a simple, fan-style structure, this shade creates an arc of shade or a bit of privacy wherever you put it. This quick shade is built on a system of fanning poles, the shade opens up to a semi-circle shape and attaches to any railing up to 2-1/2 inches wide with an integrated clamp. The fabric is strong and durable marine fabric that will “breath” to a little to let some heat out, and to keep you cool. A smart accessory for marina living or urban balconies, this deck shade provides a 3-by-8-foot swath of shade when fully expanded. For storage, this shade structure collapses to a tidy tube. .

1:72 (Fang of the Sun) Dougram – Abitate F44B Mk.II "Tequilagunner" (Kit conversion)

1:72 (Fang of the Sun) Dougram - Abitate F44B Mk.II "Tequilagunner" (Kit conversion)
Can you repeat… vintage? This is another kit from about 20 years ago which I salvaged as a true wreck from the basement. Even though it is a Dougram model (originally from Doyusha and later Takara), my specimen was actually released in 1985 or 1986 by Revell under their hodgepodge Robotech label as "Dromedin". Battletech nerds will know this mecha as "Goliath".

The first time I built it it was OOB in the Revell livery (overall steel grey with white and dark grey stripes), and in my second "mecha phase" in the 90ies I modified it to look like a catalogue picture of Revell’s "Commando" version of the huge 1/48th scale Tequilagunner kit: in a pale sand, mid brown and bluish grey livery, and with the typical "balconies" on the vehicle’s flanks. This converted kit was also experimentally weathered with coloured plaster, and the result was… horrible! Consequently, the kit disappeared from the “public collection”. Forgotten, until now – for a third build!

I originally planned to scrape the plaster off of the kit, do just some detail work and use its last paint coat with new weathering, just like the recently revived Desertgunner. But the old plaster was so thick and adamantine, the paint so poor and the plastic proved to have become surprisingly brittle with age, that more thorough work became necessary. For example, two hip joints broke off and needed firm replacements, the balconies (these are still the hand-made “things” from 20 years ago…) needed completely (and better) new rails, a nozzle brake from a WWII tank was transplanted and two extra rocket launchers had to be added, too.
Lots of polystyrene plates and profiles went into this project, as well as figures from a 1:72 scale modern tank crew set from Preiser, a mortar crew, plus various scratch-built small stuff like stowage boxes, the sun roof, cammo nets, the telescope, dust protectors on the legs and feet, sand bags, etc.. Every piece is just a tiny bit, but in a sum they add up to a lively look of the kit, and they are important in order to create small, plausible scenes.

The camouflage scheme is nothing specific, although I admit that I was not certain until I finally painted the kit. One plan was a sand base with olive drab and tan stripes, but after I applied the basic sand tone, I left it that way, because weathering and the details on the balconies were supposed to remain the main attraction. As a side effect, the single color livery is also an authentic choice for the F44B.
Painting was done with simple rattle cans – I do not own an air brush (and do not miss it). Main color is a reddish sand tone, RAL 1011 “Brown Beige”, but it was shaded with darker and lighter rattle can colors for light effects and weathering. A total of 3 other tones were used: RAL 8023 "Orange Brown" for undersides (the darkest tone, only little of this tone can be actually seen), then an acryllic hobby paint called "Sand" (very close tothe RAL 1011, slightly more reddish, for the sides, and finally a vintage VW car color called "Mexico Beige" which was applied onto the RAL 1011 on top sides, to mimic sun-bleached paint. Some pictures of the "making of" series for this kit show some painting steps as well as the colors.

After that, details like the sand protectors were painted with acryllic paint (in dark brown). Since I lack original decals, the few which went onto the kit came from the spare parts box:
– the red "2" roundels come from a British Mk. IV WWI tank from EMHAR (1:35 scale)
– the yellow registry numbers come from a modern US Army tank
– the round, red badges (depicting an armored rider/knight) are actually German Luftwaffe squadron markings from WWII, also from an aftermarket sheet
– The small red "eyes" on the Tequilagunner’s middle section come from a Ma.K. aftermarket decal sheet.

I wanted the marking to complement the few red contrasts on the Tequilagunner, like the rocket launchers, so that a few details were added, but the overall impression limited to only a few basic colors, reducing distractions.

Next, an ink wash with a mix of black, sepia, ochre and raw umber was applied, and then lots of dry painting created shading, weathering and detail enhancement. For dry painting, I used Humbrol colors 84 (Mid Stone), 64 (Light Grey) and 121 (Light Stone), mixing the colors for varying shades. This treatment already broke up the very uniform RAL 1011 finish, but further work with dry paint e. g. with silver for blank metal or raw umber and burnt sienna for some subtle rust and oil stains, plus some rubbing with grinded, soft pencil mine, enhanced the looks even further. On a camouflage pattern, all these treatments would not have looked that impressive, so I think my decision to keep the kit "simple" was just right, esp. with the diorama (see below)! You can easily over-do such a thing. Finally, everything was sealed under a matt

White wooden ledge on shaded balcony

White wooden ledge on shaded balcony
Slightly tilted wooden ledge painted in white. A red drape with a floral pattern is held in place by a piece of brown wire linked to that wood platform. It’s hanged on a white balcony wall, shaded by the afternoon sun.

balcony sun shade

Greencorner - Greencorner 10' x 10' Square Umbrella - Crimson Red
Owning a Greencorner Market Umbrella is a BIG Statement: 1. Unsurpassed Quality & Product Design 2. Environmental Consideration: while a low cost umbrella may last only a few seasons and end up in a landfill, Greencorner umbrellas last for a long period of time. Also the modular construction allows exchange of every single part in case of damage and prolonges the overall life of the umbrella tremendously. 3. Style: Greencorner umbrellas are simply beautiful. Paired with an exceptional warranty, it is the best shade solution in the market. The Greencorner 10 x 10 Feet Square Sun Umbrella. Greencorner brings nearly tow decades of experience designing and manufacturing sun umbrellas that are built to please and last. They have proven perfect fit for commercial and residential use like: ? Private residences ? Corporation’s backyards and patios ? Hotels and Restaurants ? Resorts and Club Outdoor Areas like Tennis, Marinas, Public Pools etc. We deliver to you: ? Fully assembled ready to use umbrella 10×10 feet ? Umbrella pole at 2 3/8″ diameter, 8 ribs ? Standard canvas color based on your choice ? 3-5 days delivery ground service ? Well cushioned, bubble wrapped and packaged in heavy duty triple wall carton for no-hassle transportation and receipt in perfect condition.